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Art Therapy

A large part of this project concerns the notion of creating Art as a Spiritual Journey towards discovery and confidence.  We really coach the new artist into a public, performance piece.  We find that the experience produces self love and reveals character.  We definitely see a spiritual growth and a growing sense of belonging and comraderie.  We have found that the classes edifies the individual and the group.



Karel Jacobs

Karel has been a professional artist for 42 years.  His experience is vast and varied.  He started out designing and printing T-Shirts.  He switched to airbrush and started a few businesses.  He has painted many custom cars and motorcycles and many very large murals.  Karel is a master airbrush artist and a master pastel artist.  He is also a master computer artist, a 3D modeler and a Photoshop guru. He has also been a golf professional for 25 years.  He has taught and coached in high school and worked on several video game teams.  He is currently developing a collection of paintings to teach to beginner painters.      



Rosa Poulsen

Rosa has lived in the Morongo Valley her entire life. She began painting at an early age and came to it naturally - or maybe it was in her genes. Both her Grandmothers were artists as well as her Father. Rosa is self-taught and has a wonderful style. Initially she shared her paintings with family and friends and they encouraged her to share with the rest of us. She considers the nature of life is to be able to share. The joy in nature is worth nothing if it can't be shared with someone. For Poulsen, art is important as a way to express one's self. It requires imagination and inventiveness. She also says it is therapeutic. It is important as a record of time (what is happening at that moment in time.). She paints in oil and acrylic. Her most recent theme is musical instruments blended with nature. She has shown her work at the World Guitar Show as well as at Joshua Springs. She has also prepared a computer slide show of her past paintings set to music, and it is very well done. In addition to painting she is a degreed gemologist, enjoys making bead work jewelry, is a musician and makes collages using tile and mirror.



Sharon Brotherton

Art therapy is Sharon's thing; she started her degree there. She has been distressing through art for as long as she can remember. Her mother had her carving on big bars of soap as a youngster, and she taught her the beauty of shading and blending colors. Sharon has since passed this love onto her children and now her grandchildren. She also loves to write and has several books in the making, most of which are about telling a story through painting it. She can't wait to share her loves with you. So come back often, she'll be popping her projects on here as she completes them.